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Spec Media is unlike any podcast you’ve ever heard before, although it’s also exactly like a podcast you’ve heard before. We’re a collection of the best podcasts from across the multiverse.

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New episodes releasing on Thursdays.



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Episode 4 - “The BS Report - Cousin Sal & The TriWizard Cup”

We’ve released Episode 4, “The BS Report - The TriWizard Cup” today! It’s available on iTunes and Youtube now. We’re up to spoofing our third different podcast and happy to put it in another, fun universe.

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Ad - RickRecruiter

In case you missed it in the episode, we’re giving some of our fake ads their own Youtube videos. Check out this great ad for RickRecruiter, the way Ricks and Morty’s find new employees.

Watch now on Youtube.

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Episode 3 - "Hardcore History - Behold a Forest Moon Part 2"

Episode 3 is out! “Hardcore History - Behold a Forest Moon Part 2” continues the story of the Battle for Endor, telling the history of the battles before the Rebel Alliance arrived. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify now or listen on Youtube!

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Episode 2 - "On The Media - The Yautja Killing Fields"

We’ve released Episode 2, “On The Media - The Yautja Killing Fields” today! It’s available on iTunes and Youtube now, and we’re waiting approval on other platforms. Spread the word and listen!

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Ad - The Great Matrix Courses

If you’ve listened to a podcast, you’ve heard an ad for “The Great Courses”. What many people don’t know is the Greats Courses isn’t just in our universe, but across the multiverse. Listen to this ad to hear an ad from a universe where the robots have taken over...

Watch now on .


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Episode 1 "Hardcore History - Behold a Forest Moon Part 1"

This episode is an homage/parody of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, one of the best podcasts in existence, inspired by the Star Wars Universe. Go to DanCarlin.com or iTunes to listen to more Hardcore History.

Subscribe now on iTunes or watch the trailer on Youtube, but still go subscribe now!.

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Teaser Trailer

Check out our new Teaser Trailer on iTunes! Subscribe now and listen to the trailer and be ready for Episode 1.

Or watch the trailer on Youtube, but still go subscribe now!.

(The music for this teaser trailer was provided by Ross Bugden. Follow him on Twitter and Youtube.)

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Sneak Peek:

HardCore History Intergalactic

Ever wondered what Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History would sound like in other universes and timelines? Take a listen now!

Here on Youtube